Going on holiday…

Holiday checks before you travel

A vehicle holiday check sometimes called a vacation check or travel inspection, is a service Park Lane Garage provides to ensure that a vehicle is fit for a long trip or holiday travel. Improve safety, dependability, and mental clarity throughout the voyage, it entails a careful examination and review of numerous components.

Here are the key aspects typically covered in a vehicle holiday check

Fluid Levels

To ensure proper levels and avoid potential issues, check and top off necessary fluids such engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid and windscreen washer fluid.

Tire Inspection

Examining the depth, pressure, and condition of the tread on tyres. Optimal traction, fuel efficiency, and the avoidance of tire-related issues are ensured by adjusting tyre pressure as necessary and, if necessary, advising tyre rotation or replacement.

Lights and Signals

Confirming the functionality of all exterior lights, including the turn signals, danger lights, brake lights, and taillights. Changing any burned-out lightbulbs.

Battery inspection

Checking the battery’s voltage and general health to make sure it can withstand the demands of the journey.

Brakes and Brake System

Park Lane Garage will examine the condition of the brake fluid, brake disc, and brake pads. Ensuring the braking system is operating correctly to provide a stopping force that is both safe and effective.

Other area of the vehicle

Our technicians will also check, Wipers and Washer Systems, Belts and Hoses, Cooling systems, Air Conditioning and Safety Features.